Krakowskie Dzianiny loyalty program

Dear customers!
We would like to reward you for being with us and buying our products. That is why, especially for you we have launched a loyalty program. Below you will find some information how the program works and a quick instruction of the program.

How the program works: 
1. Shop and gain points – every 10 PLN (about 2,5 EUR) spent in our online shop is 1 point. 
2. The gained points change for discounts. 1 point is 0.30 PLN (about 0,08 EUR).
3. Use discount vouchers on subsequent purchases. 
4. Remember – it is necessary to change all the available points at a time. However, do not worry if you have a lot of points and when changed the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the purchase. You can use the remaining amount on your subsequent order. 
5.The gained discounts do not cover the costs of delivery.

Guidelines how to use the loyalty program
1. Shop and gain points for the money you spend. At the bottom of the cart’s card there is information how many points you get for the current order. (10 PLN  about 2,5 EUR = 1 point)

2. Change the points for discount codes. In order to do it, click in the top right corner “My account” (your Name). Then click “My loyalty points”. Here there is a list of purchases for which you got the points, their amount and a current balance. The next list is a list with the generated discount codes for loyalty points. (1 point = 0.3 PLN about 0,08 EUR)

3. Use the voucher for your next purchase. In the cart, below the list of the goods, there is a field “purchased”, and below it there is a list of vouchers available for your account. Click on the code and confirm with “OK” button which is next to the field “purchased”. Now, in the summary of the cart, the discount value should appear.